Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a "Few" reasons!

For Mother's Day, Ashley surprised me by posting on her blog just a FEW reasons why she loves me! So I thought I would share! Here it goes!
1) Taught me to Love my Savior Jesus Christ
2) Taught me correct principles of the gospel
3) There has never been a day I have talked to my mom without her telling me she loves me
4) Showed me how a marriage works
5) Taught me how to make it on my own
6) NEVER EVER Missed ANYTHING that was of importance to me. (I still can't figure out how she did that with all her kids)
7) Never gave up on me
8) Woke me up in the morning, and that is a task all by itself (Ask Mark who has to do in now)
9) Made the decision to be a stay at home mom to raise a family
10) Taught me the importance of temples and a Temple Marriage
11) Bore her testimony to me many times, even when I didn't know it
12) Taught me how to be self-relient
13) Told me that "this to shall pass"
14) Was there when I had heart-ache (and that was many times)
15) Took care of me when I was sick
16) Always got us first week outfits for school even though she hadn't had new clothes for years
17) Would stay up all night to wash my soccer clothes, finish school projects, sew my choir outfit,
and much more as I went to bed
18) She is the coolest grandma around and can't wait for my kids to get to play with her
19) Still Cries when we leave her house after we come to visit
20) Gave me rules to follow as a teen so I wouldn't be in situations to be tempted to make
21) Taught me to be the better person
22) Told me that I was beautiful
23) Gave me confidence in many different areas
24) Can't tell a lie without her nose flaring
25) Taught me how to keep a clean house
26) When I told my mom I needed help decorating my new house, she was here the next day
27) let me make my own choices, even if she knew that I would have to learn from it
28) Was friends with my friends
29) Can call her up and talk to her about ANYTHING at ANYTIME
30) Showed me how to open my heart
31) Encouraged me to go to school to get educated to prepare for my future as a wife, mother, and if needed a career
32) Still wants me to call her when I travel so she knows that I am home safe
33) Never ler me date until I was 16 (Ask Mark why I turned him down in high school)
34) She will flash the "west side" to us
35) Always put her children first, even though sometime we didn't know she did with out
36) Taught us to NEVER give up
37) Taught us the importance of family
38) Taught us to love chocolate
39) Taught me that I am a daughter of God
40) Still reminds me when I need to put on a jacket
41) Always seems to know when I am having a down day and all I need is a phone call
42) Has always cheered me along through life, and I am sure through the next life
43) Stood beside me as I went throught the temple for the first time
44) Reminds me "Have you prayed about that"
45) Could here her yell "Wheels Zeebz, " through the crowd" when I just needed to run a little faster
46) Was always there before I left for school and was there when I got home from school
47) Prepared me to be the women that I needed to be to get the man of my dreams
48) Is ALWAYS there for me
49) She raised me, and I was enought to take, and 3 other GIRLS
I could continue to go on and on about my mom. She is one of me best friends. Without my mom I would not be the person that I am today. Thanks mom for teaching me and showing me by example how to love my life. I will NEVER be able to thank you for what you have done for me. You will ALWAYS be my mom! I hope that I will be half the mom that you were!THANKS MOM FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

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Delatore Family said...

What a great mom you are! You are always such a good example to me as well. A mother's calling does not stop with her children, and I think you have fulfilled that in so many ways.